Why Mosaic Art?

In the spring of 2015 I discovered a new addiction. Not necessarily an unhealthy one but certainly an expensive and time consuming one. 

You see, I have always loved stained glass. In fact, while growing up I would occasionally go to church. There would always be some sweet anticipation of those colored glass windows which in this country pale in comparison to the ones throughout all of Europe.

In my mind, art glass + sunlight = is pure brilliance. A kind of magnificent magical experience to be standing in-line with the sun and an image as its beauty bathes you in all its color. A kind of  healing light therapy used within sacred spaces of ages pass.

However, I always felt as if all space was sacred... 

Stained glass art should not be exclusive to just churches and cathedrals. It should fill all of our environment.

Especially my home, this property, IS my sacred space. I needed to find a crafty art worthy of that. 

Needless to say, glass has become my new crack (pun intended). 

Even more so, when I tell you I was too busy to become a master glass cutter and found myself breaking so much of it. 

However, this mattered not. For my method is mosaic. 

The very act of mosaic work is just as metaphorical as the stained glass itself. There is something so beautiful about a process that takes all the tiny broken pieces and makes them whole again. 

It makes me feel alive and constantly inspired it keeps me literally in the moment at every point of now. For this is what I love to do and in this moment of now it continues to permeate and overflow into all avenues of my life.

Year after year, I continue to deepen my understanding of what a wholistic way of being is as I fit all the pieces together unfolding the next version of my authentic self in a never ending spiral of evolution.

It's a beautiful process that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING.

In ego, I am and have been so many imperfect little pieces.

In essence, we are all so much more.