Thai Massage

  is a form of bodywork that is done lying on the floor in comfortable clothing. Its style is an integrates the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, which recognizes an energetic system of meridians and yoga-like positions.

Historically, this form of bodywork was performed on royalty throughout Indonesia. The purpose is to stimulate Shen lines, or meridians, and remove any stagnant energy throughout the body.
The science behind many of these Eastern practices such as (TCM, yoga, martial arts, qigong, tai chi, etc.) is that everything in the universe is energy therefore illness and imbalance resides where stagnant energy abides.

Thai massage is the gentle and slow stretching of the body, in a precise format beginning from the feet and working up throughout the body. This type of bodywork requires good communication between the client and practitioner, a willingness to master the breath, and an ability to surrender over any holding patterns in the body.


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