The Circle

In the winter of January 2013, some like-minded individuals came together to discuss an idea.  This idea seemed to be birthed from a growing awareness that many people in our world are overstressed, overburdened, overtaxed and living in a state of mere survival.  When mankind solely exists in a state of survival, much-needed attention is not given to personal growth, health, creative endeavors, nurturing oneself and taking an active roll in the community to be part of the solution.

This same small group of people believe that the struggles mankind endures with his outer world, and all of its dysfunction, could easily be changed with the simple practice of going within the self.   This belief that dysfunction and imbalance in our external reality is a mirror image of our inner selves isn't new and comes from an understanding of the holographic nature of reality.  That being said, the next logical step towards one's own evolution is the Journey of Self.

Meditation is the practice of journeying within and became a sweeping movement in Western culture in the 1960-70's.  It has endured because of its profound effectiveness on personal transformation.  Since then, there has been an impressive amount of scientific data supporting the enormous benefits from this practice.  All someone has to do is Google "benefits of meditation" to access hundreds of peer-reviewed articles supporting a myriad of attributes, including the improvement of personal and societal health.

Many people meditate as part of an integrated practice in a holistic lifestyle.  Many more people wonder if they are doing it right and are looking for much-needed resources and coaching to learn how.  It's because of those practicing the art of meditation, and those who want to learn how, that a small group of like-minded individuals began The Circle.

In 2019 our meditative experiences are joined within the “Drum Circle” as we explore the energy of shamanic and community gatherings. This has become an opportunity for us to really connect and network with other like minded individuals in our area. The Drum Circle meets up on the full moon of each month on the following dates in 2019:

  • January 21

  • February 19

  • March 20

  • April 19

  • May 18

  • June 17

  • July 16

  • August 15

  • September 13

  • October 13

  • November 12

  • December 12

Please try and bring your own drum or instrument, a blanket or cushion to sit on. Although an RSVP is not required it sure is appreciated. You can contact Jennifer Rosendale at 360-490-7012 or Karen Lee at 206-819-5095 for more information.


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