Yoga and Mindfulness Practices

Early on in my career as a massage therapist I realized if I was going to last in this profession for an extended amount of time I would need to treat myself as an athlete physically. At first this was icing in the evening when I got home and getting regular massages for myself. Then I learned excessive simple carbs were contributing to inflammation in my joints. Slow and subtle diet changes would continue and still do today. 

Then came yoga. Although I had already dabbled in the practice of yoga periodically growing up (did I mention my parents were meditators?) it didn’t really take hold for me until my twin daughters were born in 2007. By this time I was 34 and ten years into my busy massage career and struggling to find balance.

It was the perfect age and/or storm to really notice the benefits. And those benefits began to come in abundance with the yoga practice.

It seemed to me that if I could help more of my clients help themselves then maybe they wouldn’t need so many massages. 

In 2014 I began a 200 hour yoga teacher training program with Joonbug Yoga School so I could selfishly take my knowledge of bodywork a little deeper. I had no intention on teaching at the time. However, it would seem later that the community was ready and I was approached to teach a group out at HCC a local community club in our area. Throughout these few years I would develop my skills as a yoga instructor and discovered a way to integrate my meditative teachings from my own personal practice. Over time this information would just flow effortlessly and I found myself wondering if it was me, or the meditation teaching. 

Since 2005 I have kept a steady yoga and meditation practice in my life and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.