The Magic of a Circle

I am often asked, "Why a yurt?"

Although I wasn't quite sure how to answer that question initially when we began to pursue the idea of a yurt, our intention was to create a space appropriate for healing, yoga, and meditation which called for something Zen-like. The answer today simply unfolds itself to me effortlessly.

It's just the magic of a circle. It's sacred and complete in and of itself. The space is pure, and reflective in bringing oneself back to a state of completion. The practices that individuals pursue in their personal healing have as much to do with their state of being and the space they hold around them. 

The yurt holds all of this potential for that sacredness within its beautifully-crafted wood lattice walls and peaked ceilings. 

Whether my clients are lying on their back gazing at the clouds rolling by through the dome, or in deep meditation listening to the sound of nature outside, I know they are truly being nurtured by the space that holds them so closely to the earth. 

In the yurt we are not severed from nature by thick walls, electrical conduit, concrete, and sheet rock. Building a yurt does not compromise the integrity of the land that it is placed upon. It's simple, affordable, and has minimal maintenance, when compared to a stick-built house. The space flows with the natural beauty around it.

Throughout our indigenous history, great gatherings have always converged in a circle where everyone is equal and all ideas are shared. It seems to me that the circle is a worthy space for finding connection, completion, and wholeness.

Jennifer Rosendale, L.M.P.
Avalon Yurt Sanctuary