Connecting mind, body and spirit through a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.
Jennifer Rosendale, L.M.P. License #MA00014201

Jennifer Rosendale, L.M.P.
License #MA00014201

Jennifer Rosendale

has a deep knowledge of simple living and the use of nature as a powerful balancing tool in one's life.She's aware of the empowerment that is achieved when daily disciplines are used, such as diet, meditation, yoga and personal shadow work.

Her gifts include:

  • Intuitive bodywork and movement of energy through the integration of multiple modalities such as cupping, Japanese hot stones, Thai massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Swedish Relaxation, and Deep Tissue massage.

My intention at Avalon Yurt Sanctuary is to create a balanced and integrated space that supports a clients journey back to wholeness.
— Jennifer Rosendale

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